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The 13 People You See On Case Green

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

‘Tis the season to chill on the green! Since the weather’s been nice (finally!), chances are you’ve seen all of these types in action already. We wanted to give these guys the spotlight to emphasize just how bizarre (and at the same time incredible) the Skidmore green can be.

Tight Rope Walkers

It’s lucky that this campus has so many trees because, without fail, when the sun’s out you can bet there will be a rope tied between two trees for barefooted partakers to walk on.



This trend seemed to come out of the woodwork a few years back. Sometimes this crew likes to dance in a more private area near the pond, but you’ll often see their killer hoop moves on the green.

People with laptops, not using their laptops

You bring your work out to the green only to realize that one, you can’t see through the glare on your computer screen, and two, wait, why would I actually work out here? Time to socialize!


Humans vs. Zombies Players

There’s nothing better than peacefully lying on the green and quickly learning that you’re in the middle of an all out battle…(JK). Keeps your eyes open for the neon arm and head bands.


Enormous friend circles

You can’t help but think that your friends would only take up a third of the size of that group. Maybe they won’t even notice if I join…

Pulse/Spontaneous Drummers

The sounds of lively drumming are oh-so-common on the Skidmore campus, especially in the warm weather.


Circus Club

This is a new and very exciting edition to the green, especially when the large floor mat makes an appearance.  Hey, who can complain about a little free acrobatic entertainment?



There are always those girls who whip out the bikini in the middle of Case green. We salute your boldness but at the same time…the center of campus? Really?



Whether it be Frisbee, hacky sack, or football, there are always avid green gamers. For those innocent bystanders this becomes a bit dangerous. Let’s be honest, we’ve all dramatically dodged an airborne Frisbee only to realize it was only a peripheral shadow…please say no one saw that.



Slightly less common on a campus with maybe the world’s fewest couples, but still a thing. It’s the snugglers under a blanket that you really have to watch out for… 



You fight the urge to put sunscreen on them as you walk by…they’ll regret that nap later.

Green DJs

You have to be really confident in your music taste to provide laptop tunes for the whole green, and there are those who apparently are.  The safest bet is something alternative or Top 40 hits (but only in an ironic way).


Naked Runners

This crew is very exclusive and only comes out on Skidmore holy days (aka The Hunt, Club Fair, Fun Day etc.) but still worth an honorable mention!


If you’re lucky you’ll catch this entire cast of characters on the green at the same time.  And of course, that’s the time when a tour goes by and thinks we have possibly the most eclectic student body in the nation…