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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey has become a worldwide sensation, with 50 million viewers tuning in each week to watch the drama that unfolds for a British lord and his family in 1920s England. It’s easily the most entertaining show you can watch on PBS these days and we are OBSESSED. Are you?

(WARNING: Major spoiler alert!)

She may have been Professor McGonagall, but Maggie Smith is forever the Dowager Duchess of Grantham in your mind.


You’ve crafted a pros and cons list of hiring a sexy, socialist chauffer to drive you around and/or woo you.

Worth every penny.


You’ve hired a team of architects to give you Lady Mary’s perfectly-shaped eyebrows.


When you first read the Edith With Googly Eyes tumblr page you laughed so hard that you drooled a little bit.


You’ve seriously considered purchasing a pair of elbow-length gloves.

You know… for special occasions.


You felt as if you lost a relative when Lady Sybil died.


And you felt that times a thousand when Matthew died.

Stop it, Julian Fellowes, my heart can’t take it anymore!


You can’t wait for karma to punish Thomas (even though it has already like 10 times).


You want a love like Anna and Bates’.


Or Lord and Lady Grantham’s.


You’re secretly rooting for rebellious Rose, even though you know she’s ahead of her time.


You have one response for people who think Downton is “too boring”:


You couldn’t contain your excitement when you heard DA got renewed for a 5th season.


Because we come for the stories but we stay for the man candy.


What’s your favorite Downton Abbey moment? Share it in the comments!

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