10 Reasons To Love Avocados

The soft warm glow of imaginary coals burned under the pile of emerald dragon eggs stacked high in my local Whole Foods, illuminated by the halo of florescent lights above them. They were stunning, their soft ridges catching the pads on my fingers as I held them close, as if I were a Targaryen emerging from a wild fire. Though for a few moments I was totally immersed in my Game of Thrones fantasy, I soon realized that this “egg” was no more than an absolutely stunning avocado.

            After it’s sudden surge into popularity only a few years ago, the avocado has become a staple in many of our diets, and has earned it’s rightful place as my personal favorite food. While I could go on forever about the utter joys of this peculiar delight, I’m here today to list only ten of the greatest things about the avocado.


1)   They’re the good kind of fat.

Though we’re often told to avoid fats, avocados are rich in them! They provide us with loads of energy and happiness.


2)   They’re good for your skin.

Not feeling hungry? It’s ok! Smear a bit of avocado on your face for a low-budget, Miley Cyrus approved face mask!

3)   They’re curvy and not afraid.

Avocado’s are skinny on top and big around the middle, much like myself. These lovely fruits flaunt their peculiar shape proudly.

4)   They grow in trees.

Like many fruits, avocados make their beautiful and vibrant homes far above ground.

5)   They’re green.

Green is a stunning color evocative of health and joy. The more green we have in our lives, the better!

6)   There are so many different varieties.

Whether you like your avocado creamy or firm, there’s an avocado that’s just right for you.

7)   They look like dragon eggs.

If your life lacks excitement, much like mine does, you always have your avocado to play Game of Thrones with.

8)   They just get you.

Look at that face. That’s the face of a fruit that really understands you for you.

9)   They’re inspiring.

Need to get your creative juices flowing? Just take a look at an avocado and feel the ideas flood into your head.

10)                   They’re versatile. 

From being a facemask to a topping on toast, the avocado has endless potential.