You Don’t Need Valentine’s Day When You Have Galentine’s Day!

Ah, It’s that time of year again! When the world’s vision turns red and pink, and hearts cover the walls. We all know and love the day of love, but what if there is no love interest in your life? There is no need to be down in the dumps if you haven’t been struck by the love bug yet. Grab a couple of your closest girlfriends who are currently single and enjoy your time together doing your favorite activities.

  1. In order to get in the spirit, it is a must to pick the best chick flicks / rom coms. These movies can play in the background while you enjoy each other’s company.


  1. Decorate your apartment/house with the festive decorations. Having an aesthetically pleasing room helps make the holiday come to life.


  1. Make sure board games are on the to-do list because this brings laughter to the party.


  1. Bake desserts because we all know the best way to a girl’s heart is food, specifically dessert.


  1. And last, but not least, we cannot forget to take photos with our girlfriends to remember that we do not need anyone to love us in order to be happy. In order to be happy in life, we must love ourselves first before anybody else does!


Rule #5 is my most important one. I cannot stress this enough, but we do not need anyone in our life in order to find happiness in our everyday lives. There are plenty of people who love you and enjoy your presence. Find those people and put your energy in them and there will never be a dull moment!


Life works in mysterious ways. We should never question the way it works out. Remember this, if you are currently single, think of it as time to work on yourself. You are taking this time for yourself. Learn more about yourself. For example, learn your favorite hobbies, your favorite places to go eat, your favorite movies. 


Have fun! Always remember that life flies by so fast. There is no need to worry about how it is going to end up because then you’ll miss out on what’s currently happening. While life is moving on, love yourself, find happiness on your own, and then one day when you do find the right person, you will always know your worth.