Why Emma Chamberlain is the Role Model We All Need



Youtube is the host of many popular, young, and trendy influencers. If you’re as addicted to falling down the Youtube rabbit hole when it comes to vloggers, beauty gurus, and pranksters, you’ve probably come across Emma Chamberlain (and if not, you’re missing out).


Emma Chamberlain, a seventeen year old, way-too-rich-for-her-age, hilarious, quirky LA local, has taken the social media world by storm, and she’s here to stay. Her youtube video content covers a variety of entertainment including pranks, collaborations with other youtubers, daily vlogs, and fashion tips.


Why is she so influential? I mean, she’s only 17.


Let’s start with her style. She can rock anything she wears, and her infamous style usually consists of crop tops and either boyfriend-cut or mom jeans. Her style is very vintage, 90’s kid, coachella-esque, topped with an iconic scrunchie-bound hair-do.


Moving on, her instagram feed is just… everything we wish ours was. Her playful candid shots sipping on iced coffee or twirling her hair seems unmatched to any other social media influencer. She makes it look easy, too. It’s almost unfair.


Now, here’s the twist. Her instagram feed and style are easily both 10/10. But what makes her so relatable is her quirky, energetic personality that we can all relate to at least a little bit.


Emma is not afraid to show her true self on camera. She is the strong, carefree, go-with-the-flow influence we all need in our lives. Not only that, but she clearly doesn’t take life too seriously, which is a quality we should all try to have. She finds the fun in everything, and I mean everything.

Above all, she inspires girls to be their true selves and not fear judgement. Beauty is only skin deep, and it’s a fun, relatable, creative personality that makes even a cloudy moment in life one you’ll want to remember.


If you haven’t already, check out some of her videos here (I promise, it’s worth it):