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Trend Spotlight: Choker Inspiration From Your Favorite Celebs

One trend that doesn’t seem to be fading away in 2017 is the ever present neck-hugging necklace, the choker. As a personal fan of this trend, there are plenty ways to take it other than your boring basic black – gems, lace, all-white, and velvet are all examples of the many different ways to sport this supposedly “tired” trend.

Chokers made their return as a basic black stripe, some thin, some thick, and without much variety. As of late, chokers have become a staple of every outfit in every situation, including both going to class and going out. In fear of being the dreaded “basic”, many girls have decided to take the choker a step further. Layering, wearing loose chokers that lay at the base of the neck, more gemstone involvement, and lacing it up are all techniques that have snuck their way into the once very simple trend. Many YouTube stars and big-time celebrities are still wearing chokers, and this trend truly does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.  

Here are some examples of fabulous ways to try out one of the oldest – but by far best – trends there is!

1. Andrea Russett

2. Claudia Sulewski

3. Claudia Sulewski

With inspiration from these trendy celebrities, we hope you try out this choker trend!



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