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Happy 21st birthday to the Juicy Couture tracksuit!!

Yes, the nostalgia-inducing head-to-toe fuzzy monochrome outfits are officially 21 years old… and to celebrate, Juicy Couture is launching a comeback campaign entitled #TRACKISBACK. The brand is foreseeing the biggest comeback of the century for velour tracksuits; the staple item that could be found in the closet of every girl (including the coolest celebs at the time). 

And while at first you might be thinking velour tracksuits are soooooo early 2000s, just think of all the positives of wearing them: 

  • Extreme comfort
  • No effort required
  • Totally trendy 
  • They come in literally every color
  • You can reminisce on your tween years
  • The Jenner sisters were seen wearing them:

Need I go on??

If you need further convincing, just check out some of the new Juicy Couture tracksuits right now:

So, tell all your friends that TRACK IS BACK.

But, did it ever really leave?