Time to Get Your Wax On!

One day I realized my eyebrows were starting to become one eyebrow and I knew I was past due for an eyebrow wax. I decided to try out the new European Wax Center on City Ave. to avoid the sketchy nail salons. I was greeted by two very nice front desk attendants. I apologized for not having an appointment and they said they could get me in in just five short minutes! Here are six reasons why you should check out European Wax Center!

1) It's a short drive and also a stop on the shuttle system! The convenience is amazing. You could also treat yourself to Qdoba or Five Guys after!

2) Your first service of brow, underarm, or bikini is free. YES FREE! (you can upgrade to the other services for an additional cost)

3) My wax specialist clearly knew what she was doing. She took the time to make my brows perfect (and I mean perfect).

4) The entire place was very clean. This is something that is very important. 

5) The soundtrack was awesome, yet relaxing. I felt like a got a solid 20 minute nap.

6) They call their wax Comfort Wax. It is not nearly as painful as typical wax!

While the prices for waxes are more expensive here than at a typical salon, the experience is well worth it. European Wax Center also offers packages specifically for students. You can purchase a certain amount of waxes that never expire. Once you get to a certain number, your next one is free! For example, for 3 brow waxes with 1 additional for free, you can pay $54 as a student. This saves you $18! Also, if you have a European Wax Center at home, these packages work at anyone of their locations!

Check out their website! Here's to a better waxing experience!