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Taylor Swift’s New Album “Lover” is Everything I’ve Ever Wanted and More

Well, my girl Taylor Swift has done it again. My favorite person ever, miss Taylor Swift, released her new album Lover a few weeks ago and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. Every song on this album is phenomenal. It’s so hard to pick favorites, but I’m going to take you through some of mine from the album. I know you’ll love them too!


I Forgot That You Existed

The perfect opening song to Lover. It’s an amazing dance around your room with a hairbrush microphone song (not that I’ve ever done that!) ;) It’s also very freeing. Like someone from your past caused you sadness or heartbreak and one day you just forget about them!


Cruel Summer

Get in your car, turn this all the way up, roll all your windows down and…you’re welcome. This song is the perfect car song and the bridge is my favorite thing ever. Also lyrically incredible. This is another one that’s very freeing!



Well guys Lover is going to be my wedding song. It’s the cutest. I love it. 


The Man

A jam and a half. My fave walking to class song! Also makes me feel empowered!


The Archer

This one has a very special place in my heart. When I first heard it I felt like I hadn’t related to a song this much in forever. The lyrics are stunning. One of my favorite Taylor songs of all time.


Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

Another one of my jams. I think this song is genius. The “go fight win” part…how does she come up with this stuff?!


Cornelia Street

Ohhh Cornelia Street. Such a cutie. Always a jam but also lyrically incredible. One of my faves.


Soon You’ll Get Better




My favorite song on the album. Just listen!





Faith Prince- SJU
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