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Study Tips for Freshmen

Freshmen, we’ve all been there… You think you can handle the college workload but then you forget you have a quiz and end up cramming for it 20 minutes before class starts. No worries because we are here to help you get adjusted to your crazy college schedule!


1. Invest in a planner

Planning out your schedule by writing it down can make a huge difference in the way you study. Time management is crucial so it’s best to get an idea of what your week is going to look like ahead of time!


2. Don’t be afraid to visit the library

Whether you do homework best in a quiet space or with friends, there are plenty of spots in the library that you can study!


3. Highlight, highlight, highlight!

No not the makeup! Highlighters can be super helpful if you’re reading for class or even planning your schedule. You never want to forget the important stuff!


4. Find what works best for you

There are many different study techniques out there! Whether you like listening to music, a quiet space, or lounging on a comfy bed while you study there are tons of ways that will help you effectively do your work!


We hope these tips help you out, freshmen! Good luck and have a great first year!





Melissa is a senior studying Elementary Education. 
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