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Steven Butenewicz

I’m happy to introduce this weeks campus cutie, track star Steven Butenewicz! 


1. Hometown : Franklinville, NJ


2. Major: business administration


3. Year: senior



4. Why you came to SJU: track and field

5. What you love most about SJU?

the hunnies


6. What you like least about SJU?

Jamie Gentile 


7. Single or taken?



8. Where would you take a first date?

probably a nice place in manayunk


9. Where would you take a girl you’re really serious about?

Home to meet the parents


10. Favorite city?



11. pet peeve?


Being late places


12. Deal maker (with a girl?)

Athletic, thin, nice legs


13. Deal breaker (with a girl?)

If she has bad breath


14. Celeb crush?

Kate Upton


15. One thing most people wouldn’t know just by looking at you?

I enjoy waterskiing 



You can find Steve on the track at Sweeney field, or in Manayunk playing beer bong. Thanks for letting Her Campus get to know you, Steve!


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