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Spring Break Packing Tips

Only a few more days on Hawk Hill stand between you and Spring Break! Many of you will be trading in your parkas for cover-ups, but before that you need to pack. Prior to packing, be aware of your airline’s restrictions and fees for baggage weight and size. Here are a few packing tips and tricks to follow:

·      Roll your clothes. This not only creates more space but also keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled!

·      Pack three tops for every bottom. Bottoms take up more room, only bring the basics that you know you’ll wear.

·      If you haven’t worn it in the last year, chances are you won’t wear it on your trip either!

·      Bring bathing suits that mix and match! For example, a black top or black bottoms go with any prints.

·      Prevent your hair products from spilling by using plastic wrap on the opening.   

·      If you aren’t into rocking beachy waves and absolutely need a flat iron, purchase a mini one! Sephora sells them for $20.

·      Keep your necklaces tangle free by threading the chain through a straw.

·      Use a shower cap to cover the bottoms of your shoes to prevent other belongings from getting dirty.

·      Lastly, if you aren’t prepared to lose an item, don’t bring it! 


There you have it folks! Safe travels and don’t forget to use sunscreen! 




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