Spotlight: Mikaela Bakey, Third Ever Female Hawk

Meet Mikaela Bakey, the THIRD EVER female Hawk!!

Name: Mikaela Bakey

Class: 2018

Major: Accounting, Risk Management

Hometown: Mullica Hill, NJ

Involvement on Campus: AOII, GIS, big brother big sister, SPARK leader, work study


1.)  What led you to try out to be the Hawk last spring?

In high school I was the manager for the Men’s basketball team. I knew I always love basketball but I couldn’t play. Coming into college, I wanted to find a way to get involved with the team. Sophomore year I was the practice manager for the mens team. Junior year I was manager for the all of the home games, My goal was to be the traveling manager by Senior year, and at the end of the season last year, one of the last positions for a traveling manager was to be the Hawk. So I applied for the Hawk. And no I didn’t have to stand in the gym flapping my arms all day long! In addition to being the Hawk I am also a game day manager.  On game days I am the hawk and the other 3 managers run everything else on the sidelines.

2.) Did you do any training to be the Hawk?

Nothing can ever physically prepare you for flapping your arms for over two hours, but I prepped for the season through weight lifting with the strength coach over the summer.

I have already done a lot of outside appearances as the Hawk, such as weddings, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, charity walks, and SJU open house, so I have already have established how mentally and physically prepared I need to be for a game. But, once you’re in the suit, you forget your arms are even flapping because you are so fixated on the atmosphere around you.

3.) Being the Hawk is a male dominated tradition at SJU. I believe there are only 2 other females that have ever held the honor? How do you feel about carrying on a legacy of being a female hawk?

Having the opportunity to be the Hawk, let alone the 3rd female is a huge honor. You can’t even put into words how much it means to me and my family. My dad is a Villanova alum and its brought up so much fun rivalry between us! We can’t wait for the Holy War (this year it’s at SJU!). I never thought this would be where I am and its something I will always carry with me in the future.


4.)  What are you most looking forward to this season as the Hawk?

I’m most looking forward to showing my enthusiasm and bringing that excitement out on the court during the game days. I’m so passionate about SJU and I’m excited to have it radiate through the suit!


5.) what would you say to Freshmen girls who are interested in being the Hawk?

Go for it, don’t let anything hold you back! I was a little scared to say I was going through this process because I didn’t know how it would be perceived from others, but I have received nothing but positive feedback from all of my friends and family. You can’t let anything stop you!


I can’t wait to see what Mikaela has in store this year as the 2017-2018 Hawk! We will be seeing a lot of her on campus and on game days, so make sure to give a wave and say hi!