Spotlight: Madison Rojas

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Madison Rojas this week to learn more about her. Let's meet the first Hawk of the Class of 2020 to be a Spotlight!

Year: Freshman

Major: Finance

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Involved in: Works at the Undergraduate Admissions office, Spoon University, and APEX

HC: How was moving in at SJU?

MR: Well, within the first 30 minutes I sliced my leg open and had to make my first trip to the Health Center, but after that I met my best friend on the elevator and got settled in. 

HC: Where are you living?

MR: I'm livin' large in LaFarge.

HC: What has been your best memory so far?

MR: Definitely Made in America.

HC: What is your favorite class?

MR: My freshman seminar, Forecasting the Future.

HC: Go-to food in Campion?

MR: An omelette with green peppers, bacon, and provolone (yum!). 

HC: Favorite place to shop?

MR: Kate Spade and Francesca's!

HC: Name 5 of your favorite things.

MR: Anything purple, tumblers with straws, sunflowers, birthdays, and hugs!

HC: What is your favorite thing about Philly?

MR: Reading Terminal Market! Especially Hope's Cookies. 

HC: Starbucks or Dunkin?

MR: Actually I like Dunkin for iced coffee and Starbucks for hot coffee!

HC: New side or old side?

MR: New side, third floor. 

HC: What are you most looking forward to at SJU?

MR: Studying abroad! I really want to go to China this summer with SJU. I'm also looking forward to rushing a sorority!

Make sure to say hi to this always smiling face around campus!