Snapshot: Michaela Keating '18

The impending winter chill combined with stress from finals has college gals searching for outfits that embody both warmth and comfort.

Well, look no further because stylish sophomore Michaela Keating has totally nailed a chic, comfortable winter look for this week’s Snapshot!



Shirt: American Eagle

Pants: Hollister

Scarf: Forever 21

Shoes: Target

Ring: My mom bought it custom-made from a woman in Hawaii!

Earrings: Alex & Ani

Lipstick: Mac, in the shade Diva Matte.

Her Campus: How would you describe your style?

Michaela Keating: I don’t have a set style, my style is a mixture of everything! I’ll be wearing Lilly Pulitzer one day but then another day I’ll be in all black. My style also changes by the seasons, like in the summer I’d describe my style as boho chic but then in the winter I’m always wearing layers.

HC: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

MK: American Eagle, South Moon Under, Francesca’s, and Lilly Pulitzer occasionally.

HC: If you could have the wardrobe of any TV show, what would you choose?

MK: Pretty Little Liars for sure!

HC: Where’s the best place to get fashion inspiration online?

MK: Pinterest because they always have the best ideas for cute, simple outfits. I already own a lot of the clothes that are shown in the pictures, so Pinterest helps me put together outfits with clothes that I already have! For instance, the outfit I’m wearing right now was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest!

HC: What’s your go-to holiday outfit?

MK: I like flowy dresses or sweater dresses, or something with sparkle! I like to wear colors that go along with the season such as maroon, cranberry, or earthy tones like browns and pinks. On Thanksgiving, I wore a flowy sweater dress with boots and high socks, and I really liked that look for a holiday get-together with family!

HC: Tell Her Campus SJU readers how you look cool while staying warm during the winter!

MK: There are so many cute accessories I love to wear during the winter that help me stay warm like scarves, vests, and army jackets. I’m also obsessed with high socks!!

Look for Michaela on campus to get some more inspiration from her versatile fashion sense, or follow her on insta @Michaela_Keating to see what she’ll wear next!