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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJU chapter.

You may have heard a new single on the radio, called “Lose You to Love Me” by the one and only Selena Gomez! Not only is she here to bless our ears, she is also back to inform those on her disease that so many made fun of her for. 


Lupus is an incurable disease that can affect the body in so many terrible ways. Selena fought for her life when she had undergone surgery for a kidney transplant and luckily her close friend Francia Raisa was a match!


Nothing can stop Miss Gomez that’s for sure! 


Growing up, Selena was always an inspiration to me. She greeted fans with a warm welcome and a big smile. But, it was also so visible that she meant each and every word that she said. 


Recently, when she came back into the spotlight, the topic of body shaming was brought up. Sadly, people behind screens on social media can be insanely harsh towards celebrities. She has become vocal on body shaming and how it affected her.


Hearing something bad about yourself is always heartbreaking, but can you imagine millions tearing you down, especially when times are rough? 


She explained that her medication, which she has to take for the rest of her life, can affect her weight. It is also said that those harsh comments tore her down. 


But, light prevails all darkness. Selena states that she is happy with the music she created on her new album.


(Down below is a picture from her new song and music video, “Look at Her Now”.)


Source: Google


Rolling Stone


At the end of “Lose You to Love Me”, Selena claims that this is the end of a chapter. I like to think of it as Selena’s way of saying that her heart has moved on and healed, so it is time for the public to put a once lively relationship, to rest as well.


Soon after the song was out, Selena spoke out on comments towards other women. She never wants her fans or anyone for that matter to tear women down because of the music she writes. She wants women to lift each other up and spread kind words. This just goes to show that so much love runs through her veins!


Selena Gomez is pretty incredible. So kind and caring. A heart like no other that has so much love to give. In my eyes she is truly one of a kind, and her name is pretty great if I do say so myself!





Saint Joseph's University Campus Correspondent