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Scent and Sip: Fragrance Lab

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJU chapter.

Candles are an essential part to any household. Whether you commute from home or live here on campus a candle can bring a fresh scent to any space. They bring a lovely ambiance to the room they reside in and always act as a stress relief. Typically you have to purchase your candles but here at Scent and Sip you get the opportunity to create your own. This BYOB fragrance lab in Lansdale is a fun night out that I would recommend to any scent lover. 


The night begins by sniffing all of the different scents that the lab provides. The goal of this stage in the candle making process is to choose up to twelve scents that interest you.


After you choose your favorite scents you sit down and begin testing out different combinations. The scents can be paired by twos, threes, or even more. Once you discover a combination that makes you happy you inform the mixologist who then prepares your candle by pouring wax over the oil mixture.


This experience was extremely satisfying and was a great way to spend time with close friends. The candles came out perfectly and are lit almost every night in my bedroom. If this activity interests you visit Scent and Sips’ link at https://scentandsip.com.