Room Escape Games in Philly

My friends and I were bored on this past rainy Friday night in the midst of finals week, and decided to look up fun things to do in Philadelphia. Through our search, we found out about a trend in entertainment called Room Escape Games, often referred to as "Escape the Room." Basically, you're locked in a room with your teammates and you all have to work together, cracking codes and decoding hints, in order to figure out how to escape in the alotted time.

After a quick Google search, we found a bunch of Room Escape Games located right in our city, and one called "Liberty Escape Rooms" was selling discounted tickets for the night. Spontaneously, we purchased the tickets, took an Uber into the city, and put our thinking caps on.

Liberty Escape Rooms features two themed room escape games: Revolution and Blitzkrieg. Each allows 2-8 people on a team, and gives you only 60 minutes to escape. We chose to take on the WWII-themed Blitzkrieg room, which has the slogan: "Raid the Bunker. Recover the Artifact. Win the War." Long story short, we found the artifact and figured out how to escape with 17 minutes to spare!

We all had tons of fun, were really proud of our achievement, and all agreed we'd love to try it out again.

So, I compiled a list of some of the "Escape the Room" games in Philadelphia, with various unique themes and located all over the city, just in case you're ever bored (or procrastinating studying) and want some adventurous, intense fun with your friends!

Be sure to check out the escape rooms' websites and sites like Groupon for deals and discounted tickets, and happy escaping!