Queer Eye is the Show of the Century


Queer Eye is the Show of the Century


This tear-jerking, life-changing tv show holds a special place in my heart. Five queer men introduce themselves into the lives of those who aren’t living life as their best selves, and completely remake and remodel their lives. From their appearance, mental health, and their home decor, this show takes a few drastic steps into improving the lives of those who need it most.


The cast is absolutely superb to say the least. First, you have Tan France. He’s the fashion expert that helps people find a wardrobe that incorporates their personality with a style that is more fitting to them in terms of size, and and gender association.



Next, there’s Karamo. He incorporates a little but of culture and mental health into people’s lives. A lot of the time, some of the people they makeover have trouble with self love. This is where Karamo steps in, with exercises and experiences that help people jump out of their comfort zone, and feel good about it.



Next, there’s Jonathan, a true queen. When he’s not shouting “YAAAS queen!” he’s sprucing up people’s hair and makeup styles and routines. Not to mention, he’s the ultimate hype man-- giving people an extra boost of confidence. I’m all here for it.



Now onto Antoni: a culinary king. He helps improve people’s diets and cooking abilities. Sometimes, people will have poor dietary preferences, like “no vegetables” or unhealthy processed foods. Antoni helps people expand their palettes in ways that are so easy, but mind-blowing. He’s also a nice piece of eye candy.



Finally, we have Bobby. Bobby is a master with a construction and has one of the sharpest eyes for interior design. When people are getting madeover with the other four men, Bobby’s remodelling their house. All together, these five men create the ultimate team to remake people’s lives… not to mention, their also, like, the coolest and best of friends. What more do you need?



After watching this show, I can’t help but feel inspired to take initiative of my own life and start improving myself. Though my budget may not allow for a complete hair, wardrobe, and home makeover, I can start with how I carry myself and how I take care of myself. Not only that, but I also have the urge to find someone in my life who might be in need of the Fab Five’s help.


Watching these five fabulous men completely flip people’s lives around in the best ways, I can’t help but feel a little tear-jerked… Okay, actually, I sob. This show has made me cry SO much… even more than The Titanic (there was enough room on that door for the both of you, Rose).


If this hasn’t persuaded you to watch this show, I don’t know what will, but like… you seriously need to watch it. The first episode alone will change your life!