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Greta Thunberg is a revolutionary. At just 16 years-old, she has managed to get the world talking about climate change and organizing marches in hundreds of cities across the globe. Last week, she spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit, urging lawmakers to release their corporate shackles and create legislation protecting our environment from the harmful things humans have done for centuries. Thunberg calls out the world leaders, politicians, and business people who have made false promises of a better tomorrow. We are counting down the years until irreversible damage is done, and from Greta’s perspective, and many other like minded individuals, they could do much more. 


Not only has she eloquently and confidently stated her case on such a controversial issue, she has done it while living with Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s is a form of autism that affects one’s social and communication abilities, yet you do not see Thuneberg falter while giving her poignant speech. Instead of letting her condition limit her, she has become a positive role model for other people who struggle with Asperger’s Syndrome.. However, many people have used it as a point of weakness and using it to tear her down, but she does not view this syndrome as a limitation. She calls Asperger’s her “superpower,” and she uses that superpower to initiate global discussions, having science and a legion of supporters on her side. 

A self-assured teenager with such strong level-headedness is the role model every young person needs. As we all know, it is not easy being 16 years old. Imagine having the courage to be the face of the 21st century environmental movement, especially with social media attacks she has received. Additionally, we have the tendency to wallow in self absorption, but when people like Greta Thunberg come along they remind everyone of what is most important, whether it be human rights, animal rights, or the very planet that we all call home. There is something greater than the party next weekend, or how much money we will make when we graduate. There is a world out there much grander than our little bubbles of vanity and selfishness. Greta Thurnberg is my hero, because she reminds me that at the end of it all we are all human and we are all in this together. 





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