News Flash: Your Week in One

Same sex marriage was legalized in New Jersey.

When Chris Christie dropped his legal opposition to same-sex marriage earlier this week New Jersey become the 14th state in the country to legalize gay marriage. Monday October 21st marked the first day that same-sex marriages were legal. Sunday night, same-sex couples across the state waited until 12:01 to have their long awaited weddings.

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Two wounded in a shooting at Tennessee armory.

A U.S. military official said that three men got into an altercation at the Millington armory in Tennessee shorty before 1 pm local time and one pulled a handgun. He shot two people, neither fatally, before being taken down by Tennessee National Guard workers before the police arrived. The nearby Navy base in Millington, TN was on lockdown for a short period of time on Thursday afternoon. Authorities said that the shooting was not navy related.

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Student Shoots and Kills a teacher and then himself.

Nevada middle school student shot and killed Michael Landsberry, a math teacher at the school on this past Monday morning outside of Sparks Middle School. The student killed Mr. Landsberry while he was trying to protect students and wounded two other students before killing himself. It is still unknown if he was targeting specific people or if he was on an indiscriminant shooting spree.

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6 million young people are neither in school nor working.

The Opportunity Nation Coalition released a report Monday that showed that almost 15% of people ages 16-24 are not in school and are not in school. Supportive studies show that this group is missing out on building key skills and that will make them more marketable in the job field later. The 15% does not have knowledge gained from higher education or from the workforce, which puts them in a situation that makes career success seem unlikely. The study espouses that the group just needs a chance, a dynamic needs to be changed.

To see more studies by Opportunity Nation Coalition visit their websites: http://www.opportunitynation.o...