A New Taylor Swift Era is Coming April 26th

If you’re anything like me, then April 26th is going to be a very exciting day for you. What’s happening on April 26th? Something big in the world of Taylor Swift!


I live and breathe Taylor Swift. So, the fact that this is happening right now is so exciting to me! The last few months, Taylor has been hinting at a new music release, making “Swifties” worldwide turn into investigators. Here’s everything you need to know about April 26th.


Last month, it was speculated online that Taylor would be releasing a new single. The rumors came from looking into Taylor’s Instagram posts, as well as an article she wrote for Elle Magazine (which is my favorite thing ever by the way)! The internet was going wild because Taylor usually releases a single in August every two years, followed by an album in the fall. So, a single potentially being released in March was a very exciting concept! Taylor was also set to make an appearance at the iHeartRadio Awards, which seemed like the perfect time to release new music. At the awards during Taylor’s acceptance speech, she said that when there is new music her fans will be the first to know.

On April 13th (Taylor’s lucky number) it was announced via Taylor’s social media that there was a countdown to something happening on April 26th. The 13th is also 13 days away from the 26th. (so many 13’s... this is going to be good!) Now this countdown could be for anything Swift-related, but Republic Records also tweeted about it, so that means that new music is coming! Taylor has also been Instagramming every day since the announcement and changed her social media profile pictures. It looks like a new Taylor Swift era is coming!


There has to be some sort of significance of this new music coming out on April 26th, and I can’t wait to find it out. I found this tweet with a theory involving an Instagram picture of Taylor’s from when the original single speculation was occurring last month; the Instagram picture was of palm trees and April 26th just happens to be Arbor Day.


In Taylor’s Elle Magazine article, lesson number twenty-six was that she loves making countdowns for things. And, her website is currently a countdown to the 26th.

Taylor herself recently liked an Instagram photo from user mililovestaylor. The photo was a screenshot of a tweet that says in her song “The Story of Us” she has the lyric of “next chapter.” This is important because when talking about her new era, Taylor thanked fans for loving the reputation chapter of her life and said that she was even more excited for the next chapter. The song is also 4 minutes and 26 seconds long...4/26 is the release date of the possible new music. The tweet also brings up the fact that “The Story of Us” is track 7 on Taylor’s Speak Now album, and this would be Taylor’s 7th album coming out. She’s too good!


Ok so if you’re still with me, I’d like to give you my personal theory on this era! The theme of Taylor’s pictures lately has been pinks and purples, light pastel bright colors. She also stated at the end of her Elle Magazine article to “step into the daylight and let it go.” That really stuck with me, so I think that this album may have something to do with light. The reputation album was in black and white, and now I think she might be “stepping into the daylight.”

I have no idea if my theory is right but what I do know is that whatever is happening on the 26th will be absolutely amazing. I know that whatever she comes out with is going to blow our minds. I can’t wait to listen to this song on repeat. I can’t wait for new lyrics. I am so excited for April 26th!