Netflix's March Must-Watch List


Somehow February is over, and now it’s time for March... Hopefully some warmer weather, too! Well, with Netflix’s new release for the month get ready to sit back with some favorites and Netflix and Chill!



  1. The Notebook (March 1)


Feeling a Rom-Com? Well, Nicholas Sparks’ all time classic is coming to Netflix for the first time! Grab some friends and some snacks and have the perfect girls night! And if you need any other reasons….Ryan Gosling



  1. Queer Eye Season 3 (March 15)

Everyone’s already been talking about it-yes, Queer Eye season three is almost here! Get ready for another season of amazing styling and sass being served by Jonathan.

Amy Schumer Growing (March 19)

Everyone’s favorite female comedian is coming back to Netflix. Need a pick me up or just a really good laugh? Amy’s definitely got you covered.  

4. Music and Lyrics (March 1)

Valentine’s Day put you in the mood for Rom Com’s? Make sure to watch Music and Lyrics to watch this og movie featuring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant!


Make sure to take some time for yourself this month, or even during spring break, and relax and rewind watching some of Netflix’s new releases! Happy Netflixing!