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My @$%^#! Moment


We all have them.

They’re our dirty little secrets.

Things we take to the grave. The picture you play over and over in your head. It haunts you.

And no, I’m not talking about that unexpected sleepover you had with your boy toy last week, collegiettes. Sorry to disappoint you.

I’m talking about those times you wish you could erase. That incident that makes you cringe. Your Most Embarrassing Moments.

Read on if you are in a need of a little study break and a laugh.

My (Most Recent) Embarrassing Moment

Here it was. After studying abroad last semester, I was finally facing my first weekend back at SJU.

With syllabus week (or that 2 dayer?) over, the weekend was looking pretty fantastic. Some of my non SJU friends from abroad were surprising my roommate for her birthday. With the surprise going off without a hitch, we were all so excited to get the weekend started.

I was ready to show them the town, also known as Manayunk. After meeting up with some friends, we found ourselves at a house party. Now, everyone knows when we have visiting friends at Hawk Hill, we want them to enjoy it. The pressure of wanting to show my visiting friends a good time was on. I took the liberty of playing hostess at the house party. Whenever I saw my four friends with an empty cup, I became their waitress; running down the steep basement stairs to get them some more libation, aka beer from the keg.

To bad that on one of my beer runs down the stairs, my European heels decided to get stuck in the steep basement staircase, and the rest is history. Whoever was upstairs got to miss me totally wipe out all the way to the cold basement floor, but the people in the basement got to see a real treat. I knew my embarrassing trip was a mortifying success when the whole basement went “Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu” in unison.



*If you have any SJU related embarrassing moments of trips, spills, and more, let the HC SJU team know!



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