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Midterms As Told By Grey’s Anatomy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJU chapter.

The dreaded week is upon us once again… Midterms week. Finals are at least spread out over two weeks – but professors cram all midterms into the week before Fall break, making our stress levels soar and our lives miserable. Grey’s Anatomy is here to break down all the feels of midterms week.


1. When you’re talking yourself through a Calc problem and ask your roommate if it makes any sense.

2. You just need someone there for you who gets it.

3. You’ve been up cramming because you haven’t even opened your book yet this semester 

4. You decide to meet up with classmates to attempt to study but realized you all know absolutely nothing.

5. 2 AM rolls around and you look at your roommate to ask the most important question ever…

6. At this point you really just want to go in a get the test over with.

7. Then that one person who failed to show up to the study group texts you for your notes.

8. You look at your phone and realize you only have a few hours until you exam. 

9. You made it to the exam, get the test, sit down, and all you want to say to your professor is…

10. You survived, congrats!  Go hug yourself and get a drink at Joe’s bar.


Good luck studying! Have a fun and safe Fall break.




Clare is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus SJU.  She joined the team in August of 2014 as a contributing writer and later was elected to be the chapter's first secretary.  She is a Chicago native who is currently a junior at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.  At SJU she is a Communication Studies major, Advertising and Promotions minor, and is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. This upcoming summer, Clare will be interning at BHLDN, an URBN company.