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As many know, Meghan and Harry have decided to leave the royal family and lead a more private life in North America rather than the U.K. Once people heard the news many started to bash Meghan for making Harry leave his royal family and duties. Honestly, I believe she had a major role in it but being a royal is a tough job. Not that I could relate but by watching the show The Royals I can see that the royal family definitely isn’t perfect, and there are always appearances and other stuff to do.




Harry’s decision also probably made Prince William and the Queen pissed off which is totally understandable. At the same time, I don’t blame Harry because he’ll probably never be king since there’s still Charles, William, and William’s kids waiting for their time to shine. Meghan also wasn’t used to this lifestyle at all. Coming from L.A. pop culture to strict U.K royal laws is a major step, and no doubt caused her a ton of stress. For Harry, it was a lot to give up, but he did whatever he thought was best for his family. Many are still angry at both of them for breaking tradition and all, but COME ON PEOPLE, ITS 2020. Change is inevitable and yeah the British royal is one of the oldest monarchies in the world, and it hurts to see it change or disappear but sometimes we just have to accept the circumstances and move on.









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