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Let’s be honest, College is hard!


Have you ever seen those 80’s movies when they make high school seem so much fun? Now, do you ever recall seeing much of college? Well, I think they stick with high school because it’s the “dream”. Whereas college can be both a dream and a nightmare!


Believe me when I say that there are plenty of amazing things about it, but it can be hard balancing school work, activities, and the ability to keep up with your social life! I often like to remind myself that some or most of these students on campus are also struggling. In the midst of a chaotic life that seems to pass by so quickly, it is so incredibly important to remind ourselves that each week will pass and we can get through this.

We all struggle. Some people may seem as though they have their lives put together and their world is picture perfect. But, their reality may be the same as yours. We are all trying to find our purpose for the rest of our lives. Of course it’s a struggle, but I like to see it as a growing journey.


When there are hardships, there is growth. For example, after we fail a test we try harder on the next one. You can never fail as long as you try. It may seem that way, but failure only comes when we decide trying isn’t worth it. We’re only failing ourselves.


Yes, college can be hard. But, through this process of adulting, we are learning so much about ourselves as well. You’re juggling so much at once and keeping it all together! 


I want to share some things that I try to remind myself / do when life starts to feel overwhelming:


1. Taking walks can be so good for the mind. No thinking required. Just take in everything around you and relax.

2. Journaling is one of my favorites because you can express everything on your mind.

3. Talking to other students/friends dealing with all the same college struggles can be quite relieving. 

4. Take some time to yourself, watch your favorite movie and grab a snack. 

5. Have a self care night! 


Remember, through the struggles and the ups and downs of navigating college life, you are so much more than a gpa. 




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