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Julie Mascitti

Julie Mascitti

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided Business


Julie Mascitti is this week’s campus cutie, and I could not be happier to introduce Hawk Hill to this lovely lady. Julie just joined Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and is also involved in APEX, Colligate Challenge, and Red shirts.





What brought you to SJU?


My dad went to school here and I visited with my sister in 9th grade. I fell in love with it then and loved it since. It’s the only school I applied to.


What’s your favorite thing about campus?


The people. Everyone’s super nice and charismatic. The second I walked on campus of course it’s beautiful but everyone was just so welcoming, they want to know everything about you.


Least favorite thing about campus?


I don’t really have a least favorite thing. But I guess the Lafarge elevators.


What’s on your nightstand?


Ummm a lot. A lot of jewelry, a fish, speakers, a lot of mason jars… (cough cough Piper…)


  Favorite place to relax?


Taking a nap at the beach after 5 oclock. (Yess!!)


Favorite place to have fun?


In my dorm with my roommate. We have the best talks at 2:00 AM. (#nostalgia )


Country or city girl?


A mix of both because I love going home and getting away but I also love the go-go –go at school. I love being in the city and being around it.


Favorite dance move?


Oh my god I’m a horrible dancer!! I don’t have one. My friends make fun of me because I’m so bad…when I dance I just have no rhythm.


            So you don’t twerk?

Oh my god no….that’s the one thing my friends make fun of me for.


Favorite song (currently)


Reflections Misterwives—shout out to APEX!


Pet Peeve?


When people make me late for things …and all three of my roommates do it (such a good one!)


Single or Taken?



            (hey boys!)



Deal Maker?


If my dad likes him (she’s so cute!)


Deal Breaker?


Pot head (True …)


 Best advice you’ve been given?


My dad wrote me a little book about advice for all different situations in life.


So are you really close with your dad?


 Yeah he’s my role model.



Julie is too cute for words and I was so happy to interview her this week. Get to know Julie more through Facebook and Instagram @JulieMascitti.




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