Ivory Ella Comes to SJU

Good news for fashion enthusiasts and animal lovers alike – SJU has its own Ivory Ella ambassador: Julia Sablom ‘19!

Ivory Ella is an up-and-coming company that sells long and short sleeved shirts, water bottles, hats, vests, necklaces, and phone cases; all with their adorable elephant logo imprinted on them.

Proceeds from the sales of Ivory Ella apparel go to savetheelephants.org, an organization that is striving to end the poaching of elephants for their tusks, which is still legal in many countries.

Not only does Ivory Ella benefit elephants, they donate to other charities as well! For instance, this month they are selling a limited-edition shirt for heart health month, and a portion of its proceeds will benefit The American Heart Association.

SJU freshman Julia was recently accepted as an ambassador for Ivory Ella, and she will be raising awareness for the cause of elephants by holding small events around campus and also online social media giveaways and contests on the Insta account @SJU_Ivory_Ella.

Check out some of the trendy apparel that Ivory Ella has to offer:


Don’t forget to follow @SJU_Ivory_Ella to find out when Julia is hosting giveaways and contests, because why wouldn't you want to look cute while helping to save these beautiful creatures: