It's Time to Really Start Celebrating Christmas




 It’s Not Too Early to Start Celebrating Christmas!

We’ve all been told by a modern day scrooge that early November is too soon to start getting in the holiday spirit. But I’m here to tell you they’re wrong! Here are some great reasons for starting to celebrate Christmas now, so you can have an excuse the next time someone judges you.


🎶Christmas Songs 🎶

There are way too many holiday themed bops to not start jamming out as soon as November rolls around! How can you fit all the classics and modern takes on Christmas songs if you don’t listen for two months? Here are some of my favorites:

  • Last Christmas - Wham!

  • Mistletoe - Justin Bieber

  • All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey

  • Let it Snow - Dean Martin

  • Marshmallow World - Dean Martin

  • Sleigh Ride - Carpenters


❄️Holiday Decor❄️

There are only two weeks between Thanksgiving break and finals, so basically no time to decorate your living space. This is a great reason to start your decorating now, with cute banners, snowflakes, and festive decor.

🍿Hallmark Movies🍿

Personally, my favorite holiday tradition is to hunker down with a bowl of popcorn and watch the cliche love stories of Hallmark Channel. If Christmas wasn’t supposed to be celebrated this early, Hallmark wouldn’t be playing the movies already. But they are, so sit back and enjoy! Some titles worth checking out:

  • A December Bride

  • Naughty or Nice

  • A Christmas Detour

  • Christmas with a View


Festive Food

Everyone needs time to perfect their holiday recipes. Whether in your dorm, your apartment, or even in your home over Thanksgiving break, you can always find something festive to make and enjoy that will get you in the Christmas spirit. 


I hope all these fun aspects of the holiday season gives you some good arguments for why you can start celebrating now! Remember: you don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to be over to start celebrating the winter holidays. Have fun and enjoy the festivities!