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I decided traditional Greek life was…not for me

I decided that traditional Greek life was not for me. I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), Saint Joe’s professional business fraternity. DSP is not the only professional fraternity on campus. Phi Sigma Pi (PSP) is the honors fraternity. Both fraternities are co-ed, have a professional side, but share many similarities with the social fraternities and sororities.

I joined DSP fall of my freshman year, unlike social sororities and fraternities, DSP and PSP have rush in the fall semester and the spring semester every year. I came into college not being interested in any type of greek life. I felt that I did not fit the mold of my perception at the time of what a sorority girl should be like. I was even hesitant about DSP because it is “greek.” But, once I met the brothers and found out what it was about I was sold.

I love DSP and I think rushing has been the best decision I have made since being at Saint Joe’s. Being a professional business fraternity means there is a very serious side. We have speakers come to help us improve ourselves professionally, we attend a Deltasig conference every semester to attend workshops and to network, and we network with and help each other to reach our personal and professional goals. However,  we take part in activities typical of social frats and sororities. We have formal and retreats and brother bonding activities. The balance out group has achieved between work and play is perfect for me. We are a group of people who are driven and know what we want, but we also know how to have fun!

I am very happy with my decision to join an alternative type of fraternity. I have met and become friends with people like me. I have met some of the people I most admire on campus and I have met people who have helped me to succeed all through DSP. I think being happy in the group you end up in is the main goal in joining any sisterhood (or brotherhood).

Hi! Name is Ally, and I'm from the Lehigh Valley in PA. I am a sophomore Marketing major, Spanish minor at Saint Joseph's University. I am very excited to on the editorial team for Her Campus SJU!
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