How the Grinch Stole Finals Week

December is the time for candy canes and snow angels... That is, if you can make it through the semester’s grand finale of 15-page papers, group projects, and exam galore. It’s time to celebrate Christmas but also time to pull all-nighters and cry over that cumulative Biology test you have next week. Come December 18th, the end of finals week, we can actually enjoy the holiday festivities. For now, there will be a Grinch in all of us...

Good luck watching television or shopping in town without constant reminders that the holidays are upon us. Some unfortunate souls have weeks to go before they're free from the iron grip of academics.

The first signs of finals week depression start when friends talk about ice skating plans before you can even write the MLA heading on your paper.

You begin to feel...testy towards all of your fellow group members.

And there’s always that one professor who loves single-spaced papers.

When reading day hits, the mood worsens.

Commence the first breakdown of many...

...And recover.

You manage to get the inside scoop from an upperclassman who had the professor before.

Of course, you have to squeeze exercise in...

...And make sure you find time to nourish your body with healthy, energy-boosting foods (or at least a Hot Pocket).

You’ll realize you should’ve started studying weeks ago when you open the teacher’s notes for the first time and each presentation is 30 slides long.

You decide against binge drinking watered-down vodka crans at MRT in order to de-stress. You know better, and those people should be studying, too.

Then you go anyway. Oops.

Come test day, you'll throw on the perfect sweatpant-sweatshirt combo.

It’s 8 AM on the first day of testing. It’s probably snowing, too. And that section you thought wouldn’t be on the test? Surprise! It actually is. Good luck!

You show up to class with only your best accessories: delirium, anxiety, a false sense of confidence that you will destroy the test, no problem.

The professor hands out the exam, and you immediately flip to the essay question to gauge how much it will screw you over.

Luckily you save yourself by using big words and a lot of fluff to sound smart.

Upon filling in the last scantron bubble and concluding the 15th page of your essay, you realize you actually got through finals week despite all of your dramatics.

Test amnesia sets in, and you forget literally everything you ever learned as soon as you hand your test in.

You’re weak and cranky, but at least you’re done. It’s time to return home to your dog; he’s the only cure to your insanity.

Happy holidays, Hawks!