Hawks Take On Halloween!

With Halloweekend and now Halloween sadly behind us, it's time to reminisce on all of the amazing and creative costumes!

Just from a quick scroll through the Instagram feed, it's clear to see that the ladies of Hawk Hill totally won Halloween.

Check out how SJU gals dressed up this year (and get some inspo to start planning next year's costume... it's never too early!):

1. Everyone's fave fruit *insert pineapple emoji here* (insta creds: @the_conto)

2. Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait... (insta creds: @carly_genoy) 3. Beware 'The Plastics'! (insta creds: @erinashleyc) 4. 'Clueless' as to what this costume is? Ugh, as if! (insta creds: @nikki_kennedy) 5. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? (insta creds: @megcroley) 6. It's Yeezy season! (insta creds: @elenanicole) 7. That gumball machine costume is 'outta this world'! (insta creds: @madd_mich) 8. Everyone's favorite beet-farming Assistant (to the) Regional Manager... Dwight Schrute! (insta creds: @kath.campbell) 9. Peanut Butter Jelly Time! (insta creds: @sam_aileen17) 10. Halloween costumes from abroad! (insta creds: @juliemascitti) 11. When life hands you lemons... (insta creds: @biscbro) 12. The classic angel and devil duo (insta creds: @elliedanjolell) 13. Rock on!! (insta creds: @carlzbowser) 14. And, last but not least, a costume that the selfie queen @kyliejenner would approve of! (insta creds: @jennnamiller) Keep on scrolling through Insta to see what other costumes the women of Hawk Hill were rocking this past weekend!

Happy Halloween!