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Handmade Bracelets by a Hawk

I want to introduce you to my close friend, creator, and blogger Madison Auer! Not only does Madison have an amazing sense of style, but she styles all of her black, white, and grey themed outfits with bracelets she creates herself!

Madison was inspired by her summer pool job in Maryland and noticed how simple bracelets pulled any pieces together. Always being a lover of accessories, she decided to buy supplies from local shops and create her own designs! Now with months of practice under her belt and her own dash of personal style, Madison is selling her bracelets!

The Hawk behind it all!

This stylish Hawk is selling them through her blog Four Floors Up (http://madisonauer.com/about/ ) Make sure to also check out her Instagram @madauer and @madauerbeads for endless amounts of inspiration, positivity, and of course cute bracelets! 




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