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Greek Week: Rock Your Letters

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJU chapter.

In the midst of a vexing time for Greek life here on Hawk Hill, one of the best moments of the semester has come for letter bearing students: Greek Week 2014. Things are a little different this Spring, but that doesn’t change the fact that many Greek students are sporting their letters all over campus with pride.

Wearing your letters is a symbol of your sisterhood or brotherhood and should be worn however you feel best represents your chosen chapter. Therefore, I won’t tell you what you should be wearing with them, but instead show three sorority women that are taking their letters from basic to bold.

Name: Cristina Filosa

Year: Sophomore

Sorority: Phi Sigma Sigma

Phi Sigma Sigma is our newest sorority on campus! Cristina is proudly representing at Free Period. She paired her light pink and polka dot letters with black leggings, button down chambray, Sperries and a brown leather tote. This is a well executed ready for class outfit that includes colorful letters. If your letters are a pattern like polkdot or stripes, keep the rest of your outfit with solid coloring.


Name: Alexa Jaffe

Year: Sophomore

Sorority: Alpha Gamma Delta

Alexa is wearing her letters not only on her shirt but also her tote bag! Letter bearing bags are always a great way to rep your sorority when your outfit might have to be more presentation ready. Alexa pairs her letters with lighter jeans (fun for Spring), Sperries, and a comfy knit nude cardigan, great for throwing on when it’s still a little to chilly for just a tee. Alexa brings her Greek outfit to even more fabulousness with unique purple shades and a bold necklace.


Name: Janelle Furia

Year: Sophomore

Sorority: Alpha Phi

Janelle color coordinated her letters with her whole outfit amazingly with three easy things; sneakers, jeans and a flannel! Everyone has these essentials and can pair it with any similar colored letter shirt. Janelles red letters pop with her red and blue fitted flannel, along with her dark cuffed jeans and old school white Converses.

Keep your eye out this week for more Greek Glamour amongst our sorority women and men!




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