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Friends Anniversary: Are You Always There for Your “Friends”?

Now imagine this: you have a stressful day, come home, plop down on the couch, and try to find something amusing and mindless to watch. One show will never fail to stop you dead in your tracks, a must watch, a television series called,” Friends.”



WOW. This month marks the 25th anniversary of a show watched by all. In this world, things become forgotten pretty fast. People are always losing interest in things, and new shows today can barely keep up with people’s requests. However, this show never died. This is a show for all different ages, and teaches so many life lessons to their viewers. It is the perfect binge for a night in with your girls, a cuddle sesh with your person, heck, you can watch it alone!



This 10 series show brought their viewers on a rollercoaster ride that we never got tired of. Correction, more like OBSESSED WITH!  From rachel and Ross’s first kiss to their moment in the delivery room, each espidoe was more funny and relatable than the next.Are you monica, Rachel, or Joey? Each cast member is so relateable to everyone, is that the key to creating a successful series? So, gather all of your friends (or blankets), stuff your face with junk food, and enjoy the “Friends”iversary!






Hi! My name is Amanda and I am from New Jersey. I love listening to country music and going on adventures with my friends.
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