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Five Hawks Share Last Year’s APEX Experience

The SJU spring break phenomenon is now only one week away! With registration being all the way back in October, APEX is truly an adventure that is looked forward to all year long. Last year I went on APEX for the first time to Jonesville, VA and this year I am going to Putnam County, TN. I am excited to bond with my group while serving a community that I know will feel like a second-home by the end of the week. I asked my friends why they are excited for APEX this year and if they had any advice for first-timers. Take a look at what they said!


Alli DelGrippo ‘17

My advice is “Embrace the aspect of community with every ounce of love you’ve got. I’ve never experienced a feeling warmth quite like having someone’s home or community opened to us on APEX. Be present in conversations and moments with those you get to meet and share the experience with – the love you’ll find extends way beyond the end of your week there.”

Allison Montgomery ‘18

“I’m so excited to go on APEX this year, I’m counting down the days! Last year, I was lucky enough to meet an amazing group of people through this program & I’m looking forward to sharing a new adventure with my group in West Jefferson, NC this year! The best part about APEX is that you can really make it whatever you want or need it to be for you. It’s a great way to push your own limits by immersing yourself in a new community and way of thinking, while surrounded by the support of your SJU community. My advice for any first-timers is to just live in the moment for the week!”


Nick Udris ‘17

“Not going on APEX last year was one of my biggest regrets from college, so I knew coming into this year that I had to go. I’m so excited to spend my last spring break with an entirely new group of people, and to have an experience where the impact will last way beyond my week in Lantz Farms, WV.”

Matt Lenahan ‘18

“Being a part of the Appalachian Experience has taught me to recognize the past, live in the present, and strive to transform the future. In order to truly immerse oneself and appreciate of what APEX has to offer is being open to perspectives of Social Justice and Solidarity, acknowledging the diversity life-journeys, and to fully engage oneself into the communities whom are welcoming us into their homes.”


Hanna O’Reilly ‘18

“I’m looking forward to giving back to a community in Hazard Kentucky while building relationships with other Saint Joseph’s students. APEX allows students to do things they might not normally do and form friendships with people on a different level than we are used to.”


Her Campus hopes you have an amazing time on APEX!






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