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Five Date Night Hairstyles

There is always an occasion for a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful. Whether it’s a date night or a group outing, having the perfect hair can make all the difference. Try one of these DIY hairstyles to make you look good and feel even better!


#1: Flowy Heart Waves

This style is perfect for all the girls with long hair and want to try a fun new look. Just two twists on the top/back of the head and then a quick weaving of the twisted strands down the back of your hair and you have a flirty style in less than ten minutes.



#2 Twisted up in Love

Here we have a style that was simply made to be debuted for a great outing. Two sections of hair twisted until they coil. Then shape them into a heart and secure with bobby pins. This look will really show off your spunk and style!


#3 Cute Teasing Braids

Let your hair down and throw some waves in the body. Then create two looser braids on the sides to shape your face. Cross the ends and secure with hidden bobby pins. This elegant look will flow all day and compliment any date night outfit.

#4 Wrap Around Sweetheart Braid

This extra romantic style can take you from your hot date all the way to a night at the bars. This up-do consists of a simple braid beginning on one side of head and wrapped around to the other. The braid is secured with bobby pins. Pull a few strands from the sides around your face to make the look a little less clean-cut.

#5 The XO Braids

This hairstyle is great because from the front, it seems like you are wearing two braids, but little did you know that right in the back is a welcoming heart. First part your hair beyond the crown of your hair and braid on both sides of the part. Shape in a curved formation and place the ends into a ponytail at the base of your hair. Secure with bobby pins and this hairstyle will bring some confidence to your big night out.



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