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Five Apps Every College Student Needs


Houseparty is like the three way Facetime Apple never gave you, but better. With Houseparty you can video-chat with up to 8 people and it will even send you notifications when people you know are using the app so you can join the party. This is perfect for those moments when you need to have a quick gossip session or can’t make a group meeting.


SworkIt lets you work out anywhere anytime. You have the option to choose a premade or custom workout specific to your needs, along with some great pump-up music. You can also set a reminder on the app to alert you when it’s time to work out. What’s even better is that you earn points every time you workout with SWORKIT which can be redeemed for some pretty sweet prizes.

Sleep Cycle

This is for the girl who needs more than 24 hours in a day. With so many things to do it can be hard to get enough sleep, and when you finally do get the chance sometimes it’s not always the best. Sleep Cycle can help figure out your problems and needs by tracking your sleep patterns. You set an alarm and Sleep Cycle will wake you up within a half hour of that target time when you are at your lightest sleep.


Venmo is a digital wallet that helps you transfer or receive money from your friends. Sometimes you don’t have time to go get that money your friend owes you in-between classes and work, or maybe you need to ask your parents to lend you cash. Venmo makes it super easy and transfers it straight into your bank account.


Every busy girl needs a good meal to get through the day. Postmates is available in most major cities and delivers food on demand. This comes in handy when your favorite restaurant doesn’t deliver but you’re really in the mood for some food. Get your favorites delivered right to your door!


What are some of your must have apps? We’d love to know!





Kiana is a sophomore at Saint Joseph's University majoring in English. She is a contributing writer for The Lala and previously a contributing writer for The Prospect. 
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