Finding the Right Swimsuit for You


Ladies, we are almost over the hump, the dreaded March weather of sunny and warm to the next day forecasting 3 inches of snow. Even though it is still sweater weather, the new bathing suits for this season are coming in hot and heavy! Sit on the couch, get under a blanket, and imagine yourself in one of the bathing suits on a beach in the Caribbean. Let’s thank H&M for the hottest bathing suits of the season!


The one piece

Forget about the bikinis, one pieces are in! Providing full coverage, this bathing suit is a stunner! It is a fully lined, v-neck swimsuit that comes in three different patterns for everyone’s liking! Click the link below for this hot number to be yours! Thanks H&M!


The two piece:

What a classic. However, the styles just keep changing! Enjoy!


ORANGE-ISH ONE- 42.98 total

This one is for the more “blessed” girl who needs the support. This bathing suit comes in two colors: red and black! This can be yours for only 42.98 on H&M.



The scallop cut is absolutely beautiful! Providing support and coverage, this bathing suit comes in black, I think this is a new essential in the bathing suit collect! Order yours below!


TIE ONE- the orange tie.-

Cute and flirty, this bathing suit is adorable! The color and style is total perfection! If you can dig for a few more dollars at the bottom of your purse go pick one up from H&M!



The good ol’ go to! You cannot go wrong with this bathing suit! This spaghetti strap style works for everyone. Who doesn’t like teal? Go check out H&M to pick up this necessity for only $32.99!


Happy shopping ladies!