Feeling Those Good Vibes in One of the Most Stressful Months of the Year


April means one thing when you're in college: crunch time. In all aspects of your life, throughout the month of April you find yourself cramming an entire semester in a matter of a month. Schoolwork, hanging out with friends, working on finding that job or internship, working on your summer bod, you know how it is! Here are a few tips to help you take a breath and find some good vibes in your life this month.


Listen to Music

This is by far the easiest and my favorite way to destress. There are songs, albums, lyrics, and playlists for every kind of mood or day you are having to help you get through it. Take time out of your day when you’re studying, driving, walking, or hanging out at home to just listen to some music that makes you happy.



Hit the Gym or Go for That Run

I know it can be a bit of a time commitment, but you are going to feel great after! I like to think of the gym as a “productive distraction”. It is going to help you achieve a happier and healthier mentality, and help you focus on getting your actual work done!



Spend time with your friends and roommates

Even if its something simple as grabbing lunch with them in the dining hall or studying together in the library, there are ways to be productive together. It will encourage you all to stay on task and focus on what needs to get done so you guys can spend more time having fun and not stressing out! Enjoy the time you have with them before summer comes and everyone has to go home!



Call your parents, siblings, best friends from home, etc.

Hearing a familiar voice after a stressful day is what I imagine a hug would sound like if you could hear one. Hearing your mom and dad’s’ voices over the phone is one of the best things you can do for yourself. They will encourage you and will always root for and support you!



Scroll through your camera roll on your phone

Nostalgia is the best and worst thing. It makes you miss certain memories but also helps you remember how it made you who you are today. Take the time to realize how much you have accomplished throughout your life, the people in your life and how they have shaped who you are, and let it remind you of the goals in life that you are heading towards!



Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather you have been missing all winter.

It is FINALLY warming up which means it's time to ditch your winter jacket and beanie and enjoy the sunshine and warmth! You have been cooped up all winter under the covers waiting for the chance to go outside and spend time with your friends! Take advantage of it while you’re on campus and in your campus neighborhood!


Good luck during crunch time and enjoy the rest of the semester Hawks! Summer is around the corner!


HC Xoxo,