February: Teen Dating Violence Month

February is the time when we all go searching for love in time for Valentine’s Day. February is also Teen Dating Violence Month. Unfortunately, 1 in 5 college students will be victims of dating abuse. Many of us here at SJU have heard of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation. Kristin was murdered by her boyfriend just weeks after graduating. Kristin’s Krusade will take place on April 10th, 2016.

Almost one year ago, I personally remember going on Facebook and seeing that a girl from my high school was murdered by her boyfriend at Millersville University. Karlie was just 18. I thought about how I never knew someone personally who was affected by domestic violence. I now realize that it isn’t that I didn’t know someone; it is that I didn’t know they were being abused. On February 4th, 2016 the Kristen Mitchell Foundation posted a link to a news story regarding Karlie Hall from Millersville. This is when it all came full circle. While we may not hear stories about dating and domestic violence daily, it is something that occurs way too often.

Karlie Hall

This month, and beyond, please remember that if you are a victim: you are not alone. If you know of someone who is in trouble please speak up. Here are your resources at SJU:

·      Dr. Mary-Elaine Perry – Title IX Coordinator ([email protected], [email protected], 610-660-1145)

·      Office of Public Safety (610-660-1111)

·      Office of Residence Life/Your RA (610-660-1062)

·      Office of Student Outreach & Support (610-660-1149)

·      CAPS (610-660-1090)

·      Student Health Center (610-660-1175)

·      Rape Education Prevention Program (610-733-9650)

Visit these links:

·      SJU - Sexual Misconduct: Support and Services

·      The Kristen Mitchell Foundation

·      The news story about Karlie Hall


Remember Hawks, we are an amazing community and we are here to support each other. Please use the many available resources at SJU, if necessary.


Rest in Peace, Kristin and Karlie.