Fall Food for the Soul


The weather is getting colder as we fall deeper into autumn (pun fully intended), and just like the colors of the leaves, our tastes are changing, too. It’s the time of year where our diets are strictly pumpkin spice everything, with nutmeg, cinnamon, and cidery flavors running through our bloodstream at all times.

Since our tastes are changing with the season, Campion meals and easy mac dinners just simply won’t do the job of satisfying all of our Fall needs. Here are some great restaurants around campus in Philly, Ardmore and Manayunk with seasonal menus to help us with our fall comfort food addictions:

1. The Couch Tomato




The Couch Tomato, a Manayunk hot spot. This wonderful little joint offers a handful of seasonal options including a salad, sandwich, and pizza. Their grain-bowl salad with sweet potato and apple is one I can’t keep my hands off of!! Not to mention their loaded grilled cheese with turkey breast and caramelized onions. YUM. https://www.thecouchtomato.com/cafe-menu-manayunk/

2. Sabrina's

Sabrina’s Cafe is a local favorite for Saint Joe’s Brunch lovers. However, this little cafe serves dinner too! Located on Wynnewood and Lancaster Ave, this hidden gem has mouthwatering back-to-school brunch specials and dinner specials too! Hint: French toast is the best toast, so I’d go with the Broken Pencil French Toast special. It’s TO-DIE-FOR. But if you’re not in the mood for a sweet treat before your 9 AM, go for the eggs benedict proudly named “B-B-B-Bene and the Test!” How cute?


3. First Watch 

First Watch is a Breakfast Brunch and Lunch location juuuuuust across the street from Sabrina’s cafe. Yeah, the parking isn’t great but the food is so worth it. They have a seasonal “Million dollar Bacon” which comes smoked with brown sugar. AND… wait for it… PUMPKIN PANCAKES!!!! Can you hear my stomach grumbling? I’ll just make my way over there now.


4. Iron Hill Brewery

Lastly, we have a great lunch or dinner spot: The Iron Hill Brewery. Now this restaurant located in Ardmore does not have a listed seasonal menu, but this is the perfect spot to dine if you didn’t get a chance to experience Oktoberfest this past week or you’re craving steak, a burger, or a heavier dish that weighs more than your head. All of their menu items are incredible and pair so phenomenally with any of their house-made beers; the hardest part is just deciding what you want.


Hopefully you found a new place you and your foodie friends want to try next, and I hope you didn’t read this on an empty stomach because talking about all of this food is making me starved. Try one of these locations when you come back from Fall Break! I promise, you won’t be disappointed!



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