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Fall Date Ideas: Philly Edition



Now that we’re finally getting fall weather(below 60 degrees), it’s time to get cozied and boo’d up! Just kidding about the last part- unless that’s what you’re looking for(in that case, go off girlfriend!) Here are some date ideas for you to plan with your S.O. or possibly just your friends. 


1. Oktoberfest – 10/11-13, Dilworth Park


*Even though Oktoberfest is actually celebrated in September in Germany, it’s still a cute fall event* Did someone say…Bratwurst?! Okay but no, really, Oktoberfest is an amazing cultural experience full of music, beer, and tons of other German customs. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Oktoberfest is the answer to your “what should we do this weekend?”


2. Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary – 9/20-11/9


This is for all my “spoopy” enthusiasts! This Halloween season you can get the full Eastern State Penitentiary experience. This is a great opportunity to hold your S.O.’s hand and get cozied up while totally getting the sh*t scared out of you. 


3. Mural Arts Month – 10/1-31, https://www.muralarts.org/muralartsmonth/


During the month of October, you can visit a plethora of different murals around the city. When you click the link, there’s a schedule of all of the different events held by Mural Arts Philadelphia and where to find them. This is such an amazing way to get around the city AND it supports the Philadelphia community (definitely a win-win if you ask me). 


4. The October Revolution of Jazz and Contemporary music – 10/1-31


Another October centered event in which you can discover new Jazz and Contemporary artists as well as celebrate the classics. This “boundary-pushing” event will have you swooning over new music and your honey. 


5. Linvilla Orchards – all season


Would this be a fall date list without apple picking? Linvilla Orchards is about 35 minutes from Philly, allowing you to leave the city for a bit and experience the country-side of Pennsylvania. They offer lots of different fall oriented activities that’ll bring out your inner kid. Anyone up for a hayride?





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