Everything You Need to Know About the Jonas Brothers’ Comeback

I'm going to take you on a trip back in time for a split second. It's 2008 and you’re one of the first people in line at Target to buy the Jonas Brothers sophomore album, A Little Bit Longer. You’ve been jamming to their first and second albums for quite a few years now, so you’re very excited about this. Burnin’ Up has been blowing up our radios for months and we are just very excited for this. Now fast forward to 2019, Kevin, Joe, and Nick have just announced that they are reuniting and releasing new music for the first time in years and the twelve year old inside of all of us is resonating within. This is what we’ve all been waiting and hoping for!


Their new single is called “Sucker” and the music video is out already. And its pure JoBro magic.


Like many fans, I wasn’t sure how they were going to come back musically. We loved their stuff when they were in their teens, so are we gonna love their stuff now that they’re married and starting families? But oh contraire, it’s just as good if not better. Sucker is fun, flirty, a little sassy, and an all around bop. You will not be able to sit down and restrain yourself from dancing while listening to it. And the music video couldn’t be any cuter because it features their S/Os!



James Corden is hosting “Jonas Brothers Week” on the Late Late Show every day this week.


The Carpool Karaoke mogul is bringing Jonas Brothers fun to his show for 5. Days. Straight. So far there have been interviews, games, and even a blast from the past where the guys and James embrace their old looks and jam out to revised versions of their old jams. These features will all be leading up to the release of the Jonas Brothers carpool karaoke video this coming Friday March 8th!



A Jonas Brothers documentary is coming out. THIS. YEAR.


The band of brothers announced on James Corden that they are releasing an Amazon documentary that features the lives of the brothers in and outside of the band. The documentary gives an intimate look at the brothers as a family, business and music partners, and best friends. It is also a tribute to fans and how they have made the brothers who they are and highlights how they have shaped their journey to becoming the Jonas Brothers.


I'm still shook.