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Eight Gifs that Describe Spring Break at SJU


Spring Break is upon us! Depending on how you’re spending your Spring Break this year, you could be preparing in very different ways.


Pre-Spring Break was filled with midterms, group projects, and papers. Hopefully everyone made it out of this phase alive.

Then the Spring Break crowds break off into different groups:

For the #SpringBreakers2k17 going to a warm place like Punta Cana, you might have been preparing for it more physically than mentally.



A tropical spring break means bikini season coming early.


Or you could be going to your home not too far from the North East, freezing your butt off in the bipolar weather we’ve been having.

And then there are the folks who travel to different parts of the region to do service on APEX!


The good news is, wherever you’re spending your Spring Break, you get to come back to the beautiful SJU campus after a week of relaxation!


Happy Spring Breakin’!




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