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Dani London: The New Face of Tri Sigma

This week I am lucky to introduce the beautiful and hilarious Dani London. I have known Dani for quite some time now, and I feel lucky. Dani is involved in a lot of activities on the SJU campus, but recently, she has been nominated as Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority’s new president. That’s why this week, Dani is in the HC spot light. 



Although we had a short interview before her 12:30 class last Tuesday in the library, I took the opportunity to interview Dani. It only takes a minute to not only get into an interesting conversation with Dani, but also for her to immediately make me laugh. She’s a girl you want to be around.

                                                                          Olivia Foster, and Dani pictured to the right, at a City Belle’s photo shoot. 



Hometown: Warrington PA

Major: Psychology and Educational Studies Minor

  1. Age/Grade: 20

HC: Why did you want to be Tri Sigma’s president?

DL: Tri Sigma means so much to me. I wanted to make sure that all the future sisters had the same wonderful experience I did, including leaving a lasting and highly reputable legacy

HC: What else are you involved with on Campus? 

DL: I’m a Hawk Host, City Belles, I went on Appalachia last spring. I’ve been a part of city belles since my freshman year, and each year I’ve loved It more.  I just started being a Hawk Host and I’m already obsessed with it!


The Fun Stuff:

HC:What’s on your night stand right now?

DL: a jewlery holder, fake flowers, and a funny e-cards flip calendar. The quote actually right now says “you’re the person I think of when I’m scrolling through my phone on the toilet”

HC: Your favorite type of music?

DL: Anything on radio 104.5

HC:Favorite Movie?

DL: I think…We are the Millers

HC: Best guy friend?

DL: Tom

HC: Biggest role model?

DL: Mom

HC: What do you miss about high school?

DL: Football games!

HC: What do you love most about college?

DL: The nights that turn to mornings and the friends that turned to sisters…and also, hawk wraps

HC: What is your most prized possession?

DL: Bunny!

HC: Most embarrassing moment on a date?

DL: One time I reached across the table to hold my dates hand and I knocked over a cup of water onto him. He then replied, “I guess this isn’t meant to be”


                                                      Christina Diafas (Left) Dani London (middle) Erika Coradavari (right) at Tri Sigma’s fall bid day 

For the future:

HC: What do you plan to do when you graduate?

DL: Go to graduate school to become a guidance counselor …and hopefully while Im doing that they will pay for it where ever im working. Maybe at SJU, or Tri Sigma nationals

HC: What can we expect from you?

DL: Big things, big things.

HC: Will you remain an active in SJU alumni activities?

DL: Heck yeah! I want to work in undergraduate admissions hopefully during grad school.

HC: What do you hope to cross off your bucket list in the next five years?

DL: Leaving the country. I’ve never left the country.

HC:Where would you want to go?

DL: Anywhere in Europe I think. Preferably that hasn’t been infested with ebola yet.


                                               Dani (left) supporting Tri Sigma in their ‘Run for Robbie’ philanthropy event at the Philadelphia Zoo.




                              Dani (left) supported Her Campus SJU at our annual spring fashion show as a model representing City Belles.







                                                        Dani pictured above as Cinderella, on Snap Chat. Her favorite iPhone App






Thank you Dani for letting HC and SJU get to know you a little better! 



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