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Controversy to Compassion: Dan Crenshaw and Pete Davidson

Whether you are an avid viewer of SNL, fan of Pete Davidson, or followed the midterm elections, you may have been familiar with the controversy of what Pete Davidson had to say about Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw.


On November 3’s episode of SNL, Pete Davidson made jokes about the midterm election, including the appearance of some of the Congressmen-elects. This was a highly anticipated episode because many were anxiously waiting to see if Pete Davidson would address his breakup with Ariana Grande. However, what seemed to catch the most attention the next day was Pete Davidson’s comments about Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw, who lost his eye in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.


Pete Davidson addressed the backlash a week later on SNL on November 10. He apologized and explained that it was a bad choice of words. However, he did address something that we do not hear about too often these days. Both Republicans and Democrats seemed to agree that Pete’s words about Dan Crenshaw were wrong and offensive.

Then, Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw joined Pete Davidson at the Weekend Update desk to accept Pete’s apology. As soon as Pete was forgiven, Ariana Grande’s song Breathin began and Dan brought out his phone and apologized for his ringtone going off. The joke received a lot of laughs.


In a comedic revenge skit, Dan Crenshaw also poked fun at Pete Davidson’s appearance. Crenshaw’s comments received a lot of applause and laughs. One of his jokes compared Pete to Martin Short in The Santa Clause 3.

At the end of the skit, Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw addressed the audience on a serious note and talked about the importance of forgiveness and seeing the good in others. Since the episode was filmed during Veteran’s Day weekend, Crenshaw used the platform to encourage people to tell veterans “Never Forget.” He explained that telling veterans to never forget shows your appreciation for what they have done for our country.


To watch the full video of the skit, click here.




Melissa is a senior studying Elementary Education. 
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