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Computer Sticker Takeover

Laptop stickers, they’re an addictive accessory. One day your laptop is naked to the world and before you know it it is fully clothed with these adhesives. These addictions start upon individuals’ first encounter with an online sticker empire (for me that was www.redbubble.com) and before they know it they have 10 stickers in their shopping cart. If you find yourself in a situation such as this DO NOT FRET, simply indulge and become a part of this beautiful community. Check out some of the creative laptops found on Hawk Hill:


The Adorably Sassy Laptop: Crystal Johnson ’18

“I love my stickers because they show all my loves: food, being sassy, traveling,elephants, and MD. It’s important to me that you can look at them and laugh when you need a nice pick-me-up. :) “

The Expressive and Edgy Laptop: Emily Kelly ’18

“I chose my laptop stickers based on what’s important to me: my music, political views, and vegetarianism. I also like rotating them out once I get new ones to keep it interesting.”

The I Don’t Mind If People Know I’m From Jersey Laptop: Amanda Tallon ’18

“First, I have my Phi Sig symbol to represent greek life on campus. Then, I have a Frank Sinatra sticker because he is the man. I have an ‘I love New Jersey’ pizza sticker; I was actually looking for just a New Jersey sticker but then I saw this one and it just spoke to me so I had to buy it. Lastly, I have a SJU one because #THWND baby!”

The Perfectly Collaged  Laptop:  Diana Arena ’17

“Sitting in the lib one day someone told me all my stickers were distracting, so I just kept adding more. They’re just little things that when I shut my laptop make me smile. The Giants and Yankees are memories I have with my family, Rome because I studied abroad there and of course my basic Vineyard Vines whale sticker. “

The Symmetrically Aligned and Straight Out of Pinterest Laptop: Jackie Dixon ’18

“I feel like my stickers describe my favorite things in life! I love elephants, New Jersey, and Boy Meets World…also JFK is Bae.”

The Inspirational Laptop: Jenny Geatens ’18

“I love my laptop stickers because they have some of my favorite things on them and they describe me! Two are from St. John in the Virgin Islands (my favorite place in the entire world), and the others are some qoutes that I try to live by!”

I hope these have inspired you to start your own sticker collection!



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