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Chipotle vs Qdoba

              As SJU students, we are lucky enough to be close to two of the best fast-casual Mexican restaurants, Chipotle and Qdoba.  It’s time to break down the argument that happens between all friends when deciding where to eat, Chipotle vs. Qdoba.

The Menu

Chipotle-Chipotle’s menu consists of burritos, burrito bowls, salads, and tacos.  Their meat choices include steak, carnitas, chicken, barbacoa, and sofritas.  Add on your choice of rice, beans, salsa, cheese, lettuce, or guacamole and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal. Chipotle keeps it simple with the four main options, but has an all-customizable menu when it comes to toppings.

Qdoba-Compared to Chipotle, Qdoba’s menu is complex. You can choose from Knockout Tacos (premade combinations with creative names such as the Drunken Yardbird and the Mad Rancher), burritos and bowls, loaded tortilla soup, nachos, quesadillas, taco salads, and chips and dip.  Qdoba offers more add-on’s such as jalapenos, bacon and everyone’s favorite rich cheesy sauce, queso.

The Price

Chipotle-Depending on your choice of meat, burritos run from $6.50-$7.50.  Not bad until you find out guac is $2.05 extra.  We get it Chipotle, avocados are expensive, but $2.05 for a scoop of guacamole is a bit pricey for us college students. Without a drink or sides, this puts you at $8.55-$9.55 for a burrito.

Qdoba-Burritos run from $7.80-$8.40 depending on your choice of meat, but all premium ingredients are FREE. Load on all the queso and guac you want and you’re still not paying more than $8.40 for a burrito.

The Service

Chipotle-Chipotle gave us a scare with the E. Coli scandal, but they made it up to us by offering a free burrito after they closed down for companywide food safety training.  Chipotle also has an online ordering option where you can skip ahead of the lengthy line that forms during peak hours. The ‘food with integrity’ marketing campaign promises to provide fresh high quality ingredients from local farms to Chipotle restaurants.

Qdoba– Qdoba was my go-to during the E. Coli outbreak and I have no complaints about their service.  They also offer an order online option when you need your food on the go.

So who wins the fast casual Mexican food battle? It’s a tough choice but considering SJU has both of these delicious restaurants in close proximity to campus, we can have our fill of both. If you are in need of some queso on a study break, Qdoba is for you. Want to convince yourself you’re eating healthy with quality ingredients?  Hit up Chipotle.  Either way you won’t be disappointed.



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